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Free Webinar: A Careful Diagnosis: Expert Guidelines for Getting an Accurate ADHD Evaluation.

In this hour-long webinar on-demand, learn the essentials for an accurate ADHD evaluation with Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D

You suspect that your child or another family member is showing signs of attention deficit. Step One is to get a comprehensive evaluation by a professional who knows what ADHD is — and what it is not. This may be a pediatrician, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or another medical or mental health professional who has received specialized training in how to recognize, assess, and treat ADHD and related problems.

Many professionals insist that an accurate ADHD diagnosis requires a full battery of neuropsychological testing, brain imaging, and computerized tests to measure attention. Dr. Thomas Brown, an esteemed ADHD expert with four decades’ experience, disagrees. Families can save money, he says, by knowing which tests are valuable in assessing symptoms of ADHD, and which aren’t.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • the most qualified professionals to evaluate a child or an adult for ADHD
  • the most effective approach for evaluating adults and children for ADHD
  • why a clinician should always assess an adult or child for comorbid conditions
  • why exploring a person’s physical health, sleep habits, nutritional regimen, and potential substance abuse problems can lead to a more accurate diagnosis
  • the importance of parents participating in a child’s evaluation
  • the key to having a partner or close friend present when evaluating an adult
  • why adults and children should undergo an age-appropriate, normed rating scale for ADHD-related problems over the past six months

Webinar replays include:

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